Our Products

At ProvidaCare, we specialize in NIV (non-invasive ventilation) PAP (positive airway pressure) equipment and supplies. We also carry oxygen equipment, nebulizers, and some other durable medical equipment. Please contact us if a product you are currently using is not on our list and we will work with you to find a suitable replacement.

Non-Invasive Ventilation


Trilogy 100

We are proud to carry the Trilogy 100 ventilator, a non-invasive, positive pressure ventilator for patients with chronic respiratory failure. We have set up many customers on this ventilator with outstanding results. The ventilator has several benefits:

Easy to Use

-Easy-to-read, easy-to-navigate screens with clear directions
-Displays detailed readings for physicians; simplified screens for patients
-Has the ability to set and accommodate daytime and sleep settings


-Easy to transport; Allows patients to be able to move around
-Weighs only 11 pounds
-Has a 3-hour internal battery; 3-hour detachable battery


-Provides customized therapy with both pressure and volume control
-Has modes for patients who require both invasive and non-invasive ventilation

ProvidaCare provides personalized, in-home consultation for the Trilogy ventilator. We also follow-up quarterly to make sure you are still having success with the product. As always, we will work with you to verify your insurance when you are prescribed the home ventilator. Please call us at 1-855-778-2727 or ask your doctor if you think this may be a product that could help you or a loved one.

CPAP (Sleep Therapy) Products

We carry the highest quality ResMed and Philips branded equipment, masks, and supplies. Based on each customer’s home sleep test data and the recommended sleep therapy settings from their physician, we select the right machine and mask combination to get our customers sleeping (and feeling) better.

Oxygen Products


Over 12 million Americans have been diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). We carry the newest technology in oxygen therapy that allows our customers to refill at home on their own, and transport oxygen with them. We believe that early identification, oxygen therapy, and exercise are the keys to stabilizing this condition.

Nebulizer Products and Home Medical Equipment

ProvidaCare also carries many nebulizer products and other home medical equipment based on location. Please contact your healthcare provider or contact us at 1-855-778-2727 for more information.

At ProvidaCare, we work with our customers to have their insurance verified each time they require new or replacement equipment. Even if you have received your CPAP or oxygen equipment from another company, please contact us or call 1-855-778-2727 to order your replacement supplies.